5 Last Minute Valentine's Day Life Savers

Okay, we get it: Valentine’s Day kind of snuck up on you, and now your amor is going to murder you... in cold blood...on the most romantic night of the year...and you totally deserve it, because you have nothing planned.

Avoid the bloodbath with these last-minute deals that will have your partner feeling like royalty: 

1. dinner

Last Minute: Dinner Reservations
Okay, you’ve committed the cardinal sin of Valentine’s Day: you didn’t make a reservation for dinner. Bet you’re beating yourself up right now, huh? 
Well, we can’t get you a last minute reservation, but we can help you sift through the mess and find a restaurant with the least amount of hassle...and wait. The NoWait application allows you to browse restaurant by wait times, select the one you want, and put yourself on the waitlist...all with a click of your iPhone. It even tells you how many parties are ahead of you, and what your estimated wait time is. No more waiting outside in the cold (or snow) as you wait for a table to clear up. Just sit back, enjoy a glass of wine, and head over when it’s time to check-in. 

2. flowers

Last Minute: Flower Delivery
Valentine’s Day might as well be renamed “Flower Delivery Day.” Let’s face it, if you don’t buy your novia or your wife or whoever a bouquet of red roses, they are not going to be happy. Luckily, ProFlowers is accepting orders until the day of through their express service.  Yes, you can order flowers on Feb. 14 by 3pm and still have them delivered to your amor before the day is over. 

3. shuttersong

Last Minute: Thoughtful Gift
Is your Valentine less interested in jewelry and more interested in memories and thoughtful gifts? Send them a personalized eCard with a little help from Shuttersong. The possibilities are endless for this application, which allows you add sound to pictures. Why not send your sweetie a picture of the two of you together, as you recite your favorite love poem? Or a snapshot of your wedding day while the song your first dance song plays? The gift is a small, simple way to share your joy with each other on Valentine’s Day. 

4. toast

Last Minute: Toast To Your Future
Minibar bills itself as the easiest way to lift your spirits...and it means it literally. The application, which is available for iPhone, allows you to enter your zip code, select your favorite wine or liquor, and have it delivered in less than an hour. Let us just repeat that for you: alcohol at your door in less than an hour. So, order up and pop those bottles of champagne with your honey. 

5. skywriting

Last Minute: Over-The-Top Romantic Gesture
Okay, so you really messed up: no flowers, no chocolates, no jewelry, nada. Believe it or not, there’s still a way you can make it up to your love. 
UberSKY is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tell your sweetheart how much you care...via skywriting. Yes, skywriting. Open your Uber app between 10am and 6pm on February 14, brainstorm a romantic message (12 characters or less, please), confirm the $500 price tag and wait to see your message in the sky! It’s never been so simple to create an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift.