EXCLUSIVE: Introducing New Nickelodeon Telenovela Star Tyler Alvarez!

This is your television debut, correct? What do you like about filming a TV series?

Number one: that I can get out of New York and go somewhere warm!

Oh I know, it’s so cold here right now!

I know it’s like below five degrees, it’s not even normal. I [also] like the schedule. Filming a series, you get to do your school and you get to go to set. You work with people consistently over a long period of time. So you really get to make friends. And you get really close with everyone, you make like a "set family." And my favorite thing about working in a TV series is they have the best fast service food, and I like food.

How did you get into acting? We saw that your father works for the DEA and your mom works for a hospital, so this is a very different career route.

I don’t know, I like making people laugh and entertaining people so my mom when I was little signed me up for a class, an acting class. After I did it, I had so much fun in the class that I had to make a career of it. It had to be what I do. I had so much fun and I just wanted to continue having fun.

Do you have an idol in the industry?

Paul Rudd and Meryl Streep. If I could take both of their talents, I would be very happy.

Those are two very different people – what do you like about them?

Meryl Streep is just the best actor in the world. She’s so believable in everything. And Paul Rudd is just insanely funny. I think he’s a great comedic actor.

Any Latino actors you’d like to work with later on?

Salma Hayek, after seeing her in Savages, I’ve wanted to work with her. I loved her character.

Read on the next page more on what Tyler likes to do in his spare time and his connection with his Puerto Rican & Cuban culture

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