EXCLUSIVE: Introducing New Nickelodeon Telenovela Star Tyler Alvarez!

If you could have special powers, what would you want them to be?

Definitely to fly. Then I could like spend my weekends in like Brazil or somewhere, wherever I’d want to go.

Is your character going to have a love interest on the show, or is there more focus on your powers?

It’s more focused on my powers, but I can’t really reveal a lot of things, so you’ll just have to wait and watch!

What would you say makes a show like Every Witch Way different than other shows on TV?

They have Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Wizards of Waverly Place [and] those deal with magic, but this is first show where there’s drama along with magic and comedy.

See why Tyler enjoys acting on a television show  and how he got into acting on the next page!

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