EXCLUSIVE: Introducing New Nickelodeon Telenovela Star Tyler Alvarez!

EXCLUSIVE: Introducing New Nickelodeon Telenovela Star Tyler Alvarez

Watch out Latina readers – telenovelas have made their way to Nickelodeon. Tyler Alvarez stars as Diego in Every Witch Way, a teenage telenovela focused on magic, friendship, and love. The show is based on the successful, award-winning Latin American version, Grachi

Born in the Bronx and now living in Long Island, this Cuban and Puerto Rican star comes from a big family. With a father in the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and a mother working for a private hospital, we were curious as to how this teen got into acting! Tyler dishes about his first role (this is his TV debut!), his Latino culture, and the interesting choice of stars he’d like to work with. Read it all below!

Tell us a little bit more about Every Witch Way.

Every Witch Way is about a girl named Emma who moves to a new town and then she discovers she’s a witch with magical powers. She finds this boy she likes and there is this another girl at the school who is already his girlfriend, this mean sassy girl. The both of them are competing for this boy’s love, [so] there is kind of a love triangle going on. It just so happens the other girl also finds out she’s a witch and they’re also kind of competing, and the mean girl can steal the good girl's powers so it’s kind of a fight for the boy and the magic. Then I come in, and I find out I also have powers, I’m the only boy with powers. I’m a “Churi Kanay,” which means I can control the elements like fire, wind, and ice. I’m learning to control my powers and a lot of things just go wrong.  

What is your character Diego like?

He’s always just goofing around. He’s really neat and clean, which I’m not

Are you anything like Diego? How so?

We are both sarcastic and [we both] do not like school.