WATCH: Tiny Hamster Loves Burritos

WATCH: Tiny Hamster Eats Tiny Burrito In Adorable Video

You know that feeling when you're just eaten a delicious machaca burrito, and you feel so delightfully full and content that nothing could ever ruin your day? 

That's exactly how this tiny hamster feels, too.

In an adorable viral video called "Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos -- Episode 1", actor Farley Elliott is seen meticulously making a meal with miniature cuts of food and rolling it in a tiny tortilla as he sets up an itty-bitty table for his hamster. 

The little guy then crawls up the table, and swallows the painstakingly-crafted Mexican treat in exactly one bite. It's the cutest thing you'll see all day, and it will leave you dying for a pet hamster... and a burrito. 

Watch the dangerously cute video below: