10 Things We Learned About Juan Pablo Galavis From His Twitter!

There are a few things we know for certain about the newest The Bachelor: he's from Venezuela, he's a total hottie, and he's currently searching for the future Mrs. Juan Pablo Galavis. Beyond that, El Bachelor is a mystery, so we took to Twitter to discover more about the first Latino Bachelor.

Check it out: here are the 10 things we learned from Juan Pablo's Twitter: 


1. Spanish and English

He speaks excellent Spanish and English:

Don’t let the accent fool you -- Juan Pablo is fluent in both languages, and proves it daily over Twitter! He loves to include all of his fans by posting everything in English and español. Sometimes, he admits it can be hard to switch back-and-forth, though. “After TONS of english INTERVIEWS, the only SPANISH one was so HARD... #ForgotMyLanguage #faaaaaaaack,” he posted.

2. On Good Terms with his Ex

He’s still on good terms with his ex:

Juan Pablo has sweetly referred to his ex-girlfriend Carla Rodriguez as a “Great mom.” He even posted of picture of him and Camila’s mamá hanging out and scoping out the latest issue of US Weekly together! 

3. Adores HIs Daughter

He adores his daughter, Camila: 

Okay, so this one is obvious. It’s clear from watching the show that Juan Pablo is absolutely crazy about his four-year-old hija, Camila. But, the doting papá took his love one step further...and had her name tattooed onto his arm! He confirmed the ink said “Camila” on his Twitter account.

4. Named After Pope

He’s named after Pope John Paul II: 

When one Twitter user asked about his name, he answered like any good Catholic boy: “Because of Juan Pablo II.” Pope Juan Paul II had been head of the Catholic Church for nearly three years when Juan Pablo was born in 1981. 

5. Always Down to DD

He’s always down to DD:

Juan Pablo Galavis has mentioned on the show - and on Twitter - that he doesn’t drink much. In fact, when Jenny McCarthy tweeted, “I Juan him to get drunk already and show his abs,” Juan Pablo replied that he didn’t want to disappoint her, but he doesn’t drink! That’s probably why he had little patience for Victoria’s drunken antics on the second episode of The Bachelor. 

6. Gluttonous

He’s not afraid to live life on the gluttonous side:

How Juan Pablo keeps his sexy figure, we’ll never know. He constantly posts picture of (fatty looking) food, and openly admits to having a huge appetite. He wrote, “2 Hot Dogs + 1 Turkey BURGER + 1 LARGE bag of Cheese Doritos with HOT salsa + 1 Diet Coke + 10 Oreos = Im a FATTY and I LOVE it.” 

7. Loves One Direction

He loves One Direction:

We smiled. We laughed. We swooned. This video of Juan Pablo singing along to “Story of my Life” by One Direction solidified our crush on the Venezuelan. 

8. Not Afraid to Be Silly

He’s not afraid to be silly:

Juan Pablo and Cameron Diaz -- two of the most attractive people on the planet -- weren’t afraid to show their “ugly” side, as they posed for their cameras in full-on duck face. Juan Pablo even complemented Diaz on her pose, “Hers is way BETTER,” he wrote.

9. Huge Sports Fan

He’s a huge sports fan:

Is this any surprise? Juan Pablo is a former professional soccer player, and now he works as an entertainment and sports consultant. He openly discusses football predictions, basketball games, and more on his Twitter, and even revealed that he’s a huge Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors fan! 

10. Punny

He’s a punny guy:

Journalists everywhere have been having the best time coming up with puns for his name “Juan.” But even El Bachelor himself has been getting in on the fun, even posting a calendar welcoming his fans to “Juan-nuary.” Ayyyy, Juan Pablo.