Sony Accused Of Fraud in FIFA World Cup SuperSong Contest

Ricky Martin Vida Video

Fans were thrilled when they heard they could enter a songwriting contest for the FIFA World Cup. But not everyone is happy with the results.

According to The Huffington Post, Hundred Proof Club, Think Famous Productions, Akela Family and JDK Entertainment have teamed up to file a lawsuit against Sony Music Entertainment and Elijah King, the Puerto Rican songwriter whose song "Vida" won the contest and was later recorded by Ricky Martin.

The lawsuit filed in a Miami court on April 21 states Sony and King committed fraud against Hundred Proof Club, Think Famous Productions, Akela Family and JDK Entertainment, along with the 1,600 aspiring songwriters who entered the competition. The companies claim they signed a contract in 2013 to help promote King and his work. Part of the rules of the SuperSong contest stated that contestants could not be under any contract and would be signed by Sony upon winning.

The Huffington Post reports that the lawsuit also claims Sony had "Vida" in their hands long before they even announced a competition for aspiring songwriters. Hence, King did not win the song contest fair and square nor did entrants stand a real chance at winning.

“[We’re looking to] annul the release due to the fraud they committed,” the plaintiffs attorney Alicia Roman told The Huffington Post. “When it’s annulled, all of the rights to Elijah’s songs are returned to my client, particularly the song 'Vida' that Ricky Martin sang and will be a part of the [FIFA] album. All of the money that the song generates belongs to my client. Basically that’s what we’re looking for. If we aren’t able to annul [it] for some reason, they have to offer my client the financial compensation they promised.”

The lawsuit is asking for damages in excess of $15,000 and equitable relief.