WATCH: Sofia Vergara Talks Wedding Plans on 'Ellen'

Ay, Sofia Vergara...just get married already! 

The Modern Family star talked about her impending marriage to Nick Loeb, and discussed her wedding planning (or lack thereof.) Turns out, the Modern Family star still hasn’t begun settling details for her big day.

According to The Huffington Post, the 41-year-old bombshell stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres show to discuss rumors that she was throwing not one...not two...but three wedding bashes.

“No!” she said of the rumors. “It’s been awful, because since that news came out, all my family is so excited. They are already planning outfits! It’s like, ‘What are we going to do?’ ‘How are you going to get us there?’ And, I’m like it’s horrible and disappointing to have to tell them that that is not true.”

We imagine that it’s even more disappointing that Vergara hasn’t even planned one party. The bride-to-be is in no rush to walk down the aisle, and claimed that planning the party is overwhelming.

“It’s either I do something really big,” she said. “Or, I do something really small with Nick and I and my son, and then my mom, and then my cousins, and then it’s impossible.”

Even though there’s no boda happening anytime soon, Vergara still received wedding presents while visiting Ellen. The talk show host gifted her one of Vergara’s favorite types of coffee...hand delivered by a sexy barista who ripped off his shirt and danced for the future Mrs. Loeb. 

We're dying to see Sofia in a wedding gown, aren't you? Watch the hilarious clip below: 

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