WATCH: Shakira Shows Off Baby Bump In New Music Video

Shakira in Dare (La La La) music video

Shakira unleashed her iconic hip in a high-energy, ultra-colorful music video for her latest single, "Dare (La La La)".

The pop star dances on the streets of Lisbon, Portugal, rocking a sexy, dramatic all-black maxi dress that accentuates her toned body. But one outfit decision has everyone confused: why isn't she showing off her famous abs? 

This music video was filmed during the summer of 2012, and Shakira confirmed that she was pregnant at the time! "When we shot this video I was actually a month and a half pregnant with my son Milan so it was a really happy moment in my life -- it sort of matches the mood of the song and it was a very celebratory time," Shakira tweeted.

Watch the video below. Can you spot her baby bump?