WATCH: Shakira Gives 1-Year-Old Milan An Adorable History Lesson

Shakira and son Milan in Washington D.C.

Watch out, world! Milan Piqué Mebarak is coming!

Shakira's one-year-old son showed off his impressive American history skills in a recent video.

"Where's Thomas Jefferson?" Shakira asks her son, as they stand outside the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. When Milan correctly identifies the former president, Shakira steps up her game and asks her son to identify the "obelisk." 

We can't believe it, but he gets it right. Milan points towards the Washington Monument, the most recognizable obelisk in America. 

Let's be real, most adults can't even correctly identify an obelisk. It seems like little Milan may have inherited his mama's impressive IQ. 

Watch the cute video below: