Taylor Swift Cuts Off BFF Selena Gomez After Selena Reunites With Bieber

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift: Did Justin Bieber Break Up Their Friendship?
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Once upon a time, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were best friends forever. But new rumors suggest that the BFFs have hit a rough patch since Gomez, 21, reunited with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. 

According to Us Weekly, the country crooner disapproves of her bestie’s decision to get back together with the troubled pop star. Sources report that Swift, 24, is “disgusted” by Gomez’s choice.

Apparently the feud stretches back to last June. Swift believes Gomez “used” a brief romance with her pal, Ed Sheeran, to make Bieber jealous.

“After Selena pulled that move, Taylor started distancing herself,” a source told Us Weekly

The two gal pals have been friends for ages, and Swift even tweeted that Gomez is “the closest thing I’ve had to sister” back in July. 

E! Online reports that Swift isn't the only friend concerned about Bieber's reappearance in her life. According to the entertainment site, Gomez's family believes that Bieber is the "worst thing" that ever happened to the 21-year-old "Come and Get It" singer. 

"There's no talking to her," a source told E!, "She's just going to do what she wants."

What do you think? Is Selena's relationship with Justin worth the drama?