How Selena Changed One Man's Life After Her Death

Selena Quintanilla

In her short lifetime, Selena Quintanilla touched the lives of countless people throughout the United States and Latin America. Even after her passing, the Tejano star continued to impact the lives of faithful fans and followers. 

Roger Gomez, one of Selena's biggest fans, was never aware of the star prior to her tragic death, VOXXI reports.

"I became a fan the day she died after watching all the news coverage on Friday, March 31, 1995," he told VOXXI, "The type of person she was and what she stood for instantly caught my attention." 

Gomez decided to take action, and founded a Selena fan page to keep her legacy alive. In 1995, he launched the website Selena Forever, later changing the name to Love Selena in 2014. In order to keep up with changing technology, he founded fan pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well. "Social media is such a big thing -- Selena didn't have this technology," the Mexican-American said about building a fan base for the late star. 

Yesterday, in memoriam of Selena's death, Gomez took to the streets of Los Angeles to pay tribute to the Latina with an event called 'Selena Vive'. The event, which lasted about an hour, consisted of a moment of silence, the release of purple and white balloons, and a bonanza giveaway. Attendees also had a chance to compete for rare Selena memorabilia. Later, fans congregated at local restaurant Hamburger Mary's to celebrate Selena's life and legacy.

"She touched my heart," Gomez said. "And changed my life."

Yesterday marked the 19th anniversary of Selena's death -- how did you celebrate her legacy?