Rosie Perez Teams Up With Pine-Sol for "Women Rise Above It" Campaign

According to the results of the study, 86% of women over the age of 35 say their biggest female role model is not a celebrity or political figure, but someone they know. In fact, women see their biggest heroes in their family 60% of the time and in their communities 24% of the time. Additionally, 65% of women believe that they are currently a role model to someone in their life. 

"During tough times, women have proved to be resilient and resourceful, overcoming obstacles to improve their lives, their families, and in turn their communities," said Stephanie Mann, marketing manager for Pine-Sol. "We're pleased to discover that women are turning to those closest to them for inspiration, and we're excited to celebrate women who have faced adversity, encouraging others to united and face life's challenges."

The study also examined what makes certain women so inspiring. The results found that self-confidence, courage, strength, optimism, and grace were the most admired traits in a hero.

Pine-Sol and Boricua Perez are using this information to bring the focus back to real women (and Latinas!) who encompass these qualities. Women across the country are asked to submit their personal tales of courage on the official site. Once a week for 12 weeks, one lucky winner will be chosen from among the stories and awarded a small token of appreciation. Additionally, three first prize winners will receive complimentary house cleaning services for a year. And one very lucky grand prize winner will be awarded an all-inclusive trip to enjoy a peaceful spa experience at a deluxe hotel.

For more information about the project and Rosie Perez's involvement, please visit Tell us: who's your hero? 

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