Rita Moreno: "The Door is Not Sufficiently Open" for Hispanics in Hollywood

Rita Moreno at the 2014 SAG Awards
Getty Images

Rita Moreno is a true Hollywood legend.

She is the first and only Hispanic to have won all four major annual American entertainment awards, which include an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and a Tony.

And it is safe to say that thanks to Moreno, those like Jennifer Lopez and other Latina starlets were able to make their way to the screens.

But despite the J.Lo's of the world and Moreno having helped open the doors for Hispanics back in the '60s, the West Side Story actress says there's still work to be done.

"The door is open, but the door is not sufficiently open. We still have to push it," Moreno declared during a screening of West Side Story in New York City on Sunday.

According to Fox News Latino, Moreno acknowledges the fact that it's not as tough breaking into Hollywood now as it was in her day. But she feels that the Hispanic community needs to come together and really support its actors and actresses if we want to really get far.

"I made movies for a long time when I was young and I always had to have an accent. But that wasn't the worst problem," the 82-year-old actress explained. "If I played a Latina, I always had to be too sexy and too easy. I hated that."

She continued, "I knew that if I persevered, somebody would recognize my talent."