Ricky Martin is About to Release a Song With Jennifer Lopez & Wisin (Exclusive)

What do you get when you take Ricky Martin and drop him off to perform in Cancun, Mexico in front of 13,000 of his fans from all over the world? Deaf ears. We've never experienced so much screaming (and we were screaming ourselves!) as we did this weekend at his live outdoor concert at the beautiful Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort. Ricky rocked an 18 song set including his latest hit "Come With Me" and past favorites "María", "She Bangs" & "Shake Your Bon Bon" before the party continued at the hotel's glam discoteca Noir. But before all the dancing, screaming, and well, more screaming, we got to meet the man himself for an exclusive Q&A. Check out what Ricky had to say about his latest album, his sons' future in music, the song he's creating with JLo and Wisin and more.

Latina: With the holidays just having passed, we want to know what your boys Matteo & Valentino got for Christmas!

Ricky Martin: They got everything they wanted! And, it wasn’t necessarily because I got it all. Grandma and grandpa [spoiled them too] and there’s nothing you can do about it. You cannot tell them what to do. The boys are into music. Grandma brought them some heavy, tiny Spanish guitars and they really got into it.

L: Do you think you have some future musicians on your hand? And would you support that?

RM: I don’t know!  Of course I support it! Whatever happens, happens. I just want them to be happy. Even if they become lawyers and they just have music to disconnect, that’d be good! 

L: You’re collaborating and singing a song for the World Cup FIFA soundtrack and there’s a contest involved. Are you judging the contest?

RM: I wouldn’t say I’m judging the contest, although I’m choosing the song with Sony Music and FIFA. It’s a really cool concept because it doesn’t matter where you’re from -- you can be from Indonesia, Korea, South Africa -- and you can write the official song of the official album of the World Cup. I’m releasing a song with Jennifer Lopez and Wisin now. Right before the World Cup, we’re doing a little TV special on it. We'll be doing a reality thing where we go into the studio, we record, we write the song, we go to the country of the person who has started writing the [World Cup] song and we take them to Brazil. It’s a whole production.

L: What are you going to be looking for when you pick this song?

RM: I’m looking for a hook and for the message. The message has to be about uniting the world. I performed “The Cup of Life”, which is a song that metaphorically talks about the Cup of Life in general. It talks about the cup and the competition and the spirit of competitiveness that helps us in many ways. It’s always about that catchy song, but mainly, it’s about the message: Unity and breaking boundaries.

L: We're excited to hear your album will be out before the end of 2014. Give us a little preview of what we’re going to expect.

I’m in a very earthy place right now. I need to go back to some heavy roots and look for that. I want to go to Africa to look for sounds, and I’m going to Brazil and Spain as well. All this is in search of something culturally rich and very organic. I need real sounds and real instrumentation and to create heavy fusion, culturally speaking. That’s the white canvas that I have in my mind, but it could change. I also have the second CD, which could be the remixes of everything I do. It could be a heavy Buena Vista Social Club approach. It could become dance immediately if you look for the right remixer.

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