EXCLUSIVE: Jackie Mateos & Liz Perez Talk 'Reinas de Realty,' House Flipping & More!

Reinas de Realty

Two very inspiring California-born Latinas are making their way to your TV screens in mun2's newest reality show, Reinas de Realty. This 10-episode series follows best amigas/business partners, Jackie Mateos and Liz Perez. Together the two are taking Los Angeles realty by storm, running a thriving house flipping business and turning run-down homes into gems, while also transforming Latino communities one house at a time.

Jackie, who was is of Salvadoran and Mexican descent and was born in L.A., is married to her "prince charming" and they have three adorable children. Liz is a proud Mexican-American who met her husband at a church and have been now been married 15 years. The two share four dynamic children.

Jackie and Liz, along with their husbands, have been in the house flipping business together for four years. After the real estate market crash in 2007 caused them to both lose their homes, they decided to take a leap of faith by attending seminars run by A&E's Flip This House star and real estate entrepreneur, Armando Montelongo.

We caught up we these two amazing women to talk about their new reality series, house flipping, get some budget-friendly tips for the home, find out how they successfully manage business and family, and more. Read our entire interview with Jackie and Liz below:

So what were you ladies doing before you got into house flipping? How exactly did you end up here?

Jackie Mateos: Before we got into house flipping, I was doing real estate. Real estate has always been very attractive. I like the whole going out there -- being out in the field. So that’s basically what I was doing. Then afterwards Liz and I joined forces, and then of course, we got educated. We got the tools and knowledge we needed, and we started flipping homes about three years ago.

And how long have you two known each other?

JM: Oh my gosh! I’ve known Liz for about ten years, but our husbands have known each other since they were kids. They used to play soccer together, so that’s how it all happened. Liz and Monty married first, and then I started going out with my husband. He fell in love with me, of course! [Laughs] And that’s how we started our friendship.

[Laughs] Love that! Can you give us sort of a “House Flipping 101” for those who don’t really know what it is?

Liz Perez: House flipping is when you take an old dilapidated home and then you fix it up. It’s called rehabbing – usually from the ground up. And it could be – I should say – it should be from as in depth as from the ground up to as just paint and carpet. And then you sell it for a profit.

How many homes have the two of you flipped already in the past few years?

JM: Oh gosh. Ever since we started our business back in ’07 we’ve done–

LP: 2010

JM: 2010! Oh yeah, sorry! 2010! I’m trying to get credit for additional years [Laughs]. We’ve done a little bit over, what? 

LP: 100

JM: 100 homes.

That’s very impressive!

JM & LP: Thank you!

JM: We love what we do! It’s such a passion for us to get these ugly gems and make them look beautiful. Polish them up and just making them beautiful and affordable for any family to go in there.

LP: We see those 100 homes as now little mansions for these families that have moved in there. So we take pride in what we do.

JM: Definitely.

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