EXCLUSIVE: Prince Royce Dishes On His Pepsi Super Bowl Project!

EXCLUSIVE: Prince Royce Teaming Up With Pepsi for Super Bowl Celebrations!
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How was it working with such amazing, veteran NFL players? 

Well, I only got to work with Deion Sanders, but he’s such a cool guy! He’s down-to-earth. He’s funny. He has such a positive vibe, and he kept the people up. I think he really enjoys his job. When you have people like Deion - who are working long hours - and you come to see him and he has such a positive attitude and vibe, it really makes thing easy. So, I really enjoyed meeting him and spending that time with him and recording that spot. It was an experience for me, and I had a lot of fun recording it. 

Great! So you’re doing this commercial about the Super Bowl, but will you be there?

I might be! I might be passing by, and I’m actually going to be in New York City with Pepsi on the 30th doing a Super Bowl PreShow. Fans can sign up at Pepsi.com. We’re going to do a PreShow and performance and hang out with the fans and promote the halftime show. It’s going to be a cool week, and hopefully I can make it to the Super Bowl!

Awesome! Are you a football fan? 

You know, I don’t follow it faithfully, but I think when we have huge events like the Super Bowl, I’m always paying attention to what’s going on. Hopefully, we’ll get a great game!

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