EXCLUSIVE: Prince Royce Talks Valentine's Day & Bachata Influences at Pepcity!

Prince Royce Gets Fans Hyped For Halftime With #PEPCITY
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With reporting by Priscilla Rodriguez and Cristina Arreola

If you've never seen Prince Royce perform live, we think you need to make that happen, ASAP! On January 30, we got the chance to attend Prince Royce's Pepsi #PEPCITY mini concert at Bryant Park in New York City. To say we were fangirling is probably an understatement. (We love you, Prince Royce!) He was absolutely amazing!

But before the bachata singer hit the stage, we got the opportunity to speak to him about his upcoming English album, his best and worst Valentine's Day ever, his bachata influences and more.

Check out our exclusive with Royce below:

So we hear 2014 is the year of the “Bachatapocolypse.”


Yeah, that’s what Fusion is calling it. What do you think about that?

I think that’s cool. I think bachata has definitely grown these last ten years – and especially these last two or three years. I think bachata has grown so much. You’re starting to see so many upcoming artists. You’re starting to see bachata really doing great things, you know, great collaborations. Yeah, I think definitely. I think it’s definitely rising.

Who are some of your personal bachata influences?

I think, for sure, Aventura. Also, Juan Luis Guerra, Anthony Santos, Frank Reyes – if you want to take it back. And, you know, I think…I just came into the genre trying to give my own twist to it, try to give my own input. And it’s an honor for me to know that I’ve helped get this genre to somewhere where it hasn’t been to before. It’s an honor for me to know that I’m kind of like one of the guys innovating and doing new things, and I’ve always admired Aventura and all of them for doing that. You know, they’ve always done…releasing hit after hit and doing new things with the genre. And I think it’s a genre that you can do so much with. You know when I did “Incondicional,” that was Regional Mexican with bachata. Now with “Darte Un Beso” it’s like a reggae vibe. There’s so many things you can do with the genre, you know, as long as you explore it. So, I’m pretty sure, wish the best of luck to all the new artists that are coming out. And definitely, you know, we’re just trying to bring out music. That’s what it’s all about.

Could we ever see you do a duet with Romeo [Santos]?

Oh, yeah. For sure, for sure. You know we’re great friends and it’s definitely something that’s possible in the future.

So you’re coming out with your English crossover this year sometime. Do you have a preference in terms of language to write in?

It’s exciting, you know! At first it was a little weird. When I started – I’ve been working on it for a little while now – at first, it was a little different for me to get back into writing songs in English. But it’s been great, you know! I think the fans are gonna have…they’re gonna have a pleasant surprise, you know, it’s a whole other side of me – you know, R&B/Pop records. It’s a whole other vibe, you know? You can’t really compare the English and Spanish music, I think. When I write a song in Spanish, it’s in Spanish; when I write [a song] in English, it’s in English. It’s very hard for me to kind of like translate. I think when you translate songs, you lose the real essence and the meaning. So that’s where we decided to release separate albums, and it’s been going great! I’m really excited for people finally hear some new music.

Do you have any dates right now?

Hopefully before the end of the year. If not, early next year for the album. But this year, you’re definitely going to hear some new English music for sure.

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