Pitbull Sues Vodka Company Over 'Pit Bull' Cocktail

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It's going down.  

Pitbull's yelling timber. Mr. Worldwide is suing E & J Winery & New Amsterdam Spirits Company for branding a vodka recipe called the 'Pit Bull', TMZ reports. 

The Cuban-American rapper, whose signature name has been trademarked since 2000, alleges that the alcohol distributor used his name to sell the cocktail, which consists New Amsterdam vodka, grapefruit juice, and lemon-lime soda. Pitbull is a leading stakeholder and spokeperson for competing vodka brand Voli Vodka, which also markets a pit bull cocktail. 

"Voli gave me a great opportunity to be an owner of a brand that I really believed in," Pitbull told The Los Angeles Times a few years ago. "That's why I got involved with Voli. It's in a market where it's needed and everybody wants it."

The rapper is demanding compensation for profits made off the 'Pit Bull' cocktails, as well as removal of the name. 

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