Paulina Rubio Opens Up About Her Divorce & Jenni Rivera's Death

Paulina Rubio at Cesar Chavez premiere
Getty Images

Paulina Rubio has gone through some rough times, especially recently with all surrounding her divorce.

In an interview on NUVOtv's Mario Lopez: One on One, Rubio opened up about her separation from Spanish businessman, Nicolás Vállejo-Nagera.

“I’m going to talk to you about this because we are friends,” Rubio told Mario Lopez. “I’m not divorced yet. It’s been hard to struggle for so long to sign the papers. It’s been hard for the baby, but hopefully things will be more quiet and more in balance.”

The 43-year-old singer also discussed another painful time in her life, the death of her good friend, Jenni Rivera.

“Jenni was someone really, really special, and I feel she is still here and she is still my friend,” Rubio said. “When something like that happens so close to you, so suddenly, you cannot really understand. It’s hard.”

Watch Rubio's full interview with Lopez below: