Orgasm Scenes: 5 Actresses Faking It On Screen

Ouch. Did you know that 80 percent of women fake orgasms at least half the time they have vaginal intercourse? Yes, four out of five women are moaning and groaning but not coming anywhere near climax. If you're one of those four women, help yourself get out of the rut with some of these tips.

For some actresses, pretending to have an orgasm isn't bedroom ritual; it's just a part of the job description. From Cameron Diaz to Penelope Cruz, these talented mujeres have all faked a big O on screen: 

(CAUTION: The following clips are NSFW.

1. Aubrey Plaza in 'The To Do List'

Aubrey Plaza - Masturbation Scene in The To Do... by cn-hd

Socially awkward Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza) is heading off to college. But, before she goes, she has a to-do list of sexual experiences she wishes to accomplish --- ending with the ultimate prize: sex with her all-time crush, Rusty. 

One of the first items to check-off? Masturbating. 

2. Penelope Cruz in 'The Counselor'

Ridley Scott's The Counselor might be better known for Cameron Diaz's infamous scene (you know -- the one where she has sex with a Ferrari.) But, the movie opens with a much sexier scene between Penelope Cruz and on-screen lover Michael Fassbender. Cruz is sweetly sexy and tantalizingly demure as Fassbender works his magic. 

3. Jennifer Lopez in 'The Back Up Plan'

In The Back-Up PlanJennifer Lopez plays a woman who becomes pregnant via sperm donor... shortly before meeting the man who could be the love of her life. The couple obviously has a few issues to work out, but, fortunately, hot sex isn't one of them. 

4. Cameron Diaz in 'Feeling Minnesota'

Cameron Diaz meets Keanu Reeves. They immediately fall in love. They immediately make love on the bathroom floor -- despite the fact that she's married to his brother. Oops. 

5. Eva Mendes in 'We Own The Night'

Eva Mendes We Own The Night by fhlny

Ok, so this one doesn't exactly make it all the way to climax. But, you have to respect Eva Mendes for taking matters into her own hands and helping Joaquin Phoenix accelerate her own orgasm in one sexy scene.