Nick Cannon Goes Whiteface for New Album 'White People Party Music'

Well, this is one way to create buzz around an album, especially when said album is titled "White People Party Music." Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey's husband and rapper-actor-sketch-comedian, made internet waves yesterday when promoting his new album by going out in whiteface. He posted one Instagram pic (and Instagram videos) showing the transformation, using hashtags such as #goodcredit, #creamcheeseeating and #farmersmarkets.

His "white" persona is apparently named "Connor Smallnut," as referenced in the videos. Some took to Twitter to call out the artist for being "ignorant" and even racist. Others say that his portrayal was "hilarious."

Cannon replied to a lot of the posters with a tweet that told everyone to "relax" and "have fun." When one commenter asked what would happen if he (the commenter) went out in blackface, Cannon encouraged him to do so: "Do it! I dare you."


While some defended his actions by saying that whites are not a historically oppressed minority (and thus whiteface isn't as offensive as blackface), others called the act hypocritical, saying it perpetuates stereotypes on both sides and is a deterrent to equality. What do you think? Share in the comments!