Why Naya Rivera Didn't Appear on the 'Glee' Season Finale

Glee cast first season

Could the rumors be true? Was Naya Rivera really fired from Glee? The rumor mill had been speculating that, after a nasty fight with showrunner Lea Michele, the boricua's character Santana would be written out of the season five finale and would be completely cut out of season six. Rivera's reps denied the report, but it seems that the rumors might have a kernel of truth, as last night's finale was conspicuously sans Santana.

The finale wrapped up nicely with happy endings for most of Glee's last standing originals, and especially those who had moved to NYC - Rachel landed a TV pilot, Mercedes went on a mall tour, and Kurt and Blaine are still in love and in theater and impressing the likes of Shirley MacLaine. While Sam headed back to Ohio, he still got a nice shoutout as one of his modeling photos was on an NYC bus. But Santana Lopez was nowhere to be found. Her "happy ending?" 

She had flown to Iowa to shoot another yeast infection commercial. Yikes. 

Even though FOX reps (along with Rivera's reps) still say she is a part of Glee and still has a contract, you have to wonder what's going on here... 

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