Exclusive: Natalie Martinez Talks ‘Under the Dome,’ ‘Secrets & Lies,’ & Her Dogs

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You’re big into the outdoors and being active.

Yeah, well I have dogs so I always try to be outside. I have an Old English bulldog that’s called Moose and I have a French bulldog that’s called Nola. I got Nola in New Orleans that’s why I named her Nola. They have an Instagram, Moose and Nola, @MooseandNola. But as far as working out I’m doing a lot of boxing and muay thai, which I’m obsessed with like I literally do it four times a weeks. I get bruises on my shins because I kick a lot but after awhile you get used to it. Yeah but I been doing muay thai, boxing, and I started picking up yoga because I need to stretch out a little more. My trainer’s name is Graham Mitchell and he does Geometric training. This guy is just phenomenal I mean he incorporates a diet plan with the right supplements to let your body recover and we do these workout regimens with strength training and conditioning. He brought me down. I was 150 lbs. and he brought me down to like 130 lbs. again.

You’re a big sister as well. How have your sister Tiana and brother Maikel adapted to their sis being a star?

They love it. They protect me a lot. They’re very weary about new people. No new friends, no new friends. So I think with them, they’re like my little filters for the bullshit because they’re very protective. They want people around me that are good and genuine and I mean they’re my little soldiers. I love’em. Yeah they come to me every summer or spring break. I am very big on family so I’m always back in Miami. I just got back from Miami two days ago. I left Miami to come over here. My mom was over there with me for a month in L.A.

Since you’re talking about family, what are some of your mom’s favorite dishes?

Well, it’s my grandmother where the dishes are at. My mother makes amazing stuff, like arroz con mariscos. But my grandmother es una pechugita de pollo con arroz y frijoles y maduros, that’s it. It’s the best. The thing is my grandmother beats that chicken until it’s so thin, she breads it con la harina molida, and just the way she does it with the beans. I’ve learned a lot from her. But I make a lot of food too, like one of my favorite dishes I make is vaca frita. I make a bomb vaca frita. It’s like a flank steak like with the ropa vieja, but it’s fried with garlic and lime. And I make a really good picadillo.

How did you end with @Munkie as your Instagram handle?

Oh Munkie! Yeah, Munkie is my first pet that I had as an adult. Munkie was my first dog that I got when I was like 22-years-old and he ended up passing away. He was the love of my life and it was very hard for me. So after that, I was private. I always had my private names on Facebook because I didn’t want a lot of people to follow me. I just wanted it private so I used Munkie Martinez. And it ended up so that people started calling me Munkie so I just rolled with it. He was a terry-poo, a terrier poodle mix. He was a rescue dog that I got. But I mean he was just amazing. Todavia me da algo. It’s hard, man. In fact I even get scared with my dog. My big one now is 6 and a half and that’s how long ago that Munkie died. I can’t even think about it. Like I miss them so much the moment I leave, it hurts. And my little negrita, my little Frenchie, she cuddles so much y es tan rica.




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