Five Arrested In Murder Of Former Miss Venezuela

AP Photo

New details have emerged in the murder case of former Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear. According to Fox News Latino, five unidentified suspects have been arrested in regards to the brutal killing. 

As reported on Tuesday, Monica Spear, 29, and her ex-husband, Thomas Henry Berry, 39, were spending New Year’s in the mountains of western Venezuela with their five-year-old daughter when they were killed in a carjacking attempt. The two were shot and killed in close range on an isolated stretch of highway just outside of Puerto Cabello. Their daughter, Maya, witnessed the murdered and is currently in stable condition after being treated for a leg wound. 

Fox News Latino reports that the two were killed at about 10:30 on Monday after their four-door sedan hit “a sharp object that had been placed on the highway.” The object punctured at least two of its tires. They then became prey to roadside assailants, who fired at least six shots into their vehicle. 

“They fired with viciousness,” said President Nicolas Maduro. 

Reportedly, two tow trucks arrived on the scene following the car trouble. It’s unclear whether or not Spear and Berry called the tow trucks, or if any of the drivers are among those arrested. The car had been lifted onto one of the trucks when the attack occured, according to the director of the country’s investigative police, Jose Gregorio Sierralta. 

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