Miss USA Nia Sanchez Didn’t Know Capital of Nevada, Her Home State

Nia Sanchez outside the Late Show with David Letterman

Well, this is unfortunate.

Miss USA Nia Sanchez, who is from Nevada, apparently doesn't know the capital of her home state.

According to Us Weekly, during an interview with The Todd Show yesterday, Sanchez was quizzed on various topics, including Nevada's capital.

When asked to identify the city, the newly crowned Miss USA responded: "Oh, um, ah, oh my gosh."

The Todd Show host realized Sanchez was struggling with the answer and gave her the response -- Carson City.

"Thank you, I was going to say that!" Sanchez said.

"I was like, that one DJ host on MTV, back in the day, his name, that's how I always remembered it. Carson Daly, that guy!"

Not immediately knowing this answer isn't a good look for Sanchez, who sources claim faked her Nevada residency in order to enter the Miss USA competition.