Melanie Griffith Hangs With Eva Longoria in Italy Following Split with Antonio Banderas

Eva Longoria and Melanie Griffith at the 60th Taormina Film Festival
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The best cure for a breakup? Quality time with your girlfriends, of course!

Melanie Griffith hung out with Eva Longoria in Italy earlier this week, following her divorce from Antonio Banderas. Griffith, 56, and Longoria, 39, enjoyed beautiful Taormina, Italy together at the 2014 Taormina Film Festival. 

The gal pals were also spotted together at an event honoring screen legend Jane Fonda on June 5, the night before Griffith announced her separation.

Griffith and Banderas, 53, filed for divorce earlier this month after 18 years of marriage. The pair have a daughter, Stella, and will not be fighting over custody of her as she turns 18 in September. However, both Griffith and Banderas allegedly want custody of the three dogs they adopted last February. Reportedly, Griffith is extremely attached to the pups, and desires sole custody of the terrier and two shepherd lab mixes.

We love that Melanie been spending so much time with Eva! Best of luck to both her & Antonio!