Melanie Griffith Covers Up Antonio Banderas' Name From Heart Tattoo

Melanie Griffith during the awards ceremony at the Teatro Antico for the 60th Taormina Film Festival Festival
Grosby Group

Melanie Griffith is leaving the past with Antonio Banderas behind her.

According to Us Weekly, Griffith attended Italy's Taormina Film Festival on Tuesday covering up the part of her tattoo heart where Banderas' name was written. It seems the 56-year-old actress used makeup to create the flesh-colored patch.

Banderas and Griffith announced on June 6 that they would be divorcing.

"There was no cheating on either side," a source told Us Weekly about the couple's decision to separate.

"They had fallen out of love awhile ago."

Banderas and Griffith were married for nearly two decades and have a 17-year-old daughter together.