Meet Guilherme Leão: The Hottest Security Guard, Ever

Meet Guilherme Leão, a 22-year-old subway security guard in Sao Paulo, Brazil and your newest internet crush. If you're ever in Brazil, make sure to stalk, er, we mean ask for directions from this hottie. (And our sincerest thank you to BuzzFeed, who alerted us to this fine specimen of a man.)

1. security slide 01

Hello. We mean hola. We mean, olá!

2. security slide 02

[calculates how much a ticket to Brazil would be.]

3. security slide 03

Like Biggie said, "Tell your friends, to get with my friends, and we can be friends... we can do this every weekend."

4. security slide 04

Where's our besito?

5. security slide 05

This is just so, so, so mean.

6. security slide 06

"Hey girl, you like my walkie talkie?"

7. security slide 07

No words. Just thoughts and so MANY feelings.

8. security slide 08

[Still calculating Brazil fare.]

9. security slide 09