EXCLUSIVE: Mario Lopez Talks Raising His Kids, His Culture & His 'Unintentional' Mullet

Mario Lopez arrives at the premiere of 'The Wizard Of Oz' 3D
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Mario Lopez is a family man through-and-through, and now he's taking that passion to the small screen with the help of his wife, Courtney Mazza! 

The duo, who've been married since 2012, are co-hosting a new dating competition, Love & Salsathat gives contestants the chance to choose a dancing partner they feel they have chemistry with in order to burn up the dance floor. In a live dance-off finale, the audience will vote to decide which couple found true love. Lopez and his wife, the parents of Gia and Dominic, are on-hand to help these dancing couples find their perfect partner. 

Mario Lopez stopped by our office to chat about what's important in life: his familia, his Mexican culture, his work, his healthy habits, and more! Check it out: 

What kind of food are you into? Is there anything specific – like Mexican food that you grew up with? 

Just Mexican food in general! I love mariscos specifically -- just because we grew up in San Diego by the beach and there was always marisco places all over the place. Before Sept. 11th, we used to cross the border all the time and go eat mariscos there in Mexico. 

You have two cookbooks; do you eat healthy and lean all the time? 

I’m not a calorie counter at all. It’s really a certain lifestyle and practicing portion control with a healthy balance of protein, fat, and carbs – and also having a cheat meal to look forward to. 

You’re obviously known for being into fitness, what keeps you motivated? 

It’s just a priority and a part of my lifestyle, and I always like to say that I exercise for sanity rather than vanity. It's just a big stress reliever. It helps me wake up in the morning and chill out and be in a better place. It honestly compliments every aspect of my life. 

Tell us a little bit about your music playlist – who are you working out to? 

I mix it up – everything from the 80’s to EDM to hip hop, and anything that’s just quick and keeps me moving. Drake, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, are a few that I listen to. 

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