Mario Lopez Can't Imagine His Life Without Kids

Mario Lopez and daughter Gia at the premiere of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment's 'The Wizard Of Oz' 3D
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Papá-of-two Mario Lopez has a lot to be thankful for -- most importantly, his two children, Gia and Dominic. 

Lopez, 40, is the first to admit that parenthood has made him a better person. “I never knew I had such feelings inside of me,” he told People. “No matter how rough my day has been, when I get home and hear my children yell, ‘Daddy!’ I feel so much better.

The father even dished on his adorable daily routine with wife, Courtney Mazza, and his 5-month-old son and 3-year-old daughter. 

“I always have breakfast with the kids,” he said. “Courtney usually cooks a breakfast of waffles and oatmeal, and we all seem to be in a good mood. Both of the kids giggle, and it’s so much fun watching Dominic eat his baby food. He just loves it, and he’s getting chubby.”

Later, when Lopez gets home from the work, the whole family sits down again to enjoy dinner together. The doting father then gives Gia a bath and puts little Dominic to sleep.

“Dominic goes to bed, then Gia and I read or play or do something to wear her out because she has an abundance of energy. She loves to sing and dance and has become a real night owl!” 

On weekends, the Lopez clan goes to the park for strolls or goes out to eat at various restaurants. Daddy’s Little Girl even gets to go out for special father-daughter dates at the movies.

“Being with Gia and Dominic gives me the change to be a kid all over again,” Lopez gushes. “All of the sudden, I have two amazing playmates. I can’t imagine my life without children.”

Aww, so cute! Are you a Latino papá? What are some of your favorite family rituals?