Maria Menounos Possibly Axed From 'Extra' Because of Mario Lopez

Maria Menounos and Mario Lopez at the 2012 Academy Awards
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Drama, drama, drama!

According to The New York Post, a clash of personalities is the real reason Maria Menounos is leaving Extra.

Although Mario Lopez and co-host Menounos seem pretty chummy on-screen, the two reportedly barely even speak to each other off-screen. When news broke yesterday that Menounos was leaving Extra, rumors circulated that their alleged feud was to blame. 

While some blame Menounos' diva attitude, others say it was Lopez's ego that caused the riff. 

A source told People that a feud with Lopez was definitely not to blame for her exit. "She was not fired. She wasn't ousted," they told the magazine. "No one is pushing her out... There's no Mario-Maria thing. She has no problem with him. She's fine with her co-host."

The Greek beauty stars in her own reality show, Chasing Maria Menounos, which premiered on the Oxygen network last week. She is reportedly exploring new opportunities.