Marc Anthony Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife $26,800 A Month in Child Support

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Well, guess that settles it. A judge has ordered Marc Anthony to pay ex-wife Dayanara Torres $26,800 a month in child support, reports Us Weekly. This comes after months of an ongoing court battle between the two.

Anthony, 45, was paying $13,400 a month when Torres requested the amount to be $123,426 in November of 2013 for their two sons Christian, 12, and Ryan, 10, citing lifestyle changes.

According to Us Weekly, who obtained the court documents, Anthony had agreed to pay $28,000 a month. The judge only ordered $26,800. Anthony also offered up $30,000 a year for travel expenses, and the judge ordered only $12,000 of that. The original documents had ordered Anthony to pay until the children were 21, plus pay for their college education. The judge terminated that formal contractual agreement, making payments voluntary after the children turn 18.

What do you think of the result? Is it fair? 

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