Marc Anthony Discusses "Maestro Cares" At First Annual Gala

Marc Anthony at Maestro Cares First Annual Gala Dinner

Each day, 5,670 children become orphans -- often lost without parents and without a stable home. Now, Marc Anthony is lending his fame, success, and funds to assist the orphans of Latin America.

In January 2012, Anthony founded Maestro Cares with the goal of creating safe and healthy environments for orphans to live, learn, and play. In April of 2014, the organization will open their first orphanage in the Dominican Republic.

Last night, the Latin superstar celebrated the work of his charity and raised funds for future projects at the organization's first annual Changing Lives, Building Dreams Gala in New York City.

We caught up with the boricua to chat about the work of Maestro Cares:

Are your kids also getting involved with Maestro Cares?

Not officially involved, but my kids have gone to the new orphanage during vacation. They got involved to the point that they have a curriculum of what the kids’ lives should be. They call them their little brothers! They’re going to volunteer their time during the summers, too. 

Is it important for you that they get involved?

It was important for them to see that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. It was extremely impactful. It impacted them to the point that they still talk about it. I think we’re doing a great thing. Not only are we doing these things -- we have 500 kids in a compound. But, this building could last 100 years. So, think about the 1000s of kids we could potential help!

Read about the mission of his charity and donate funds at the Maestro Cares official website