WATCH: Marc Anthony Dances With 72-Year-Old Woman On Stage!

WATCH: Marc Anthony Dances With 72-Year-Old Woman On Stage!

Could this be any more adorable? While performing at the International Salsa Festival in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, a woman caught the eye of Marc Anthony -- and it wasn't his girlfriend Shannon de Lima. Nope, it was 72-year-old Doña Abdias, who he saw in the crowd and invited to the stage, reports the Huffington Post

Once on stage, the duo moved to the music and Anthony couldn't help but smile as Abdias moved her hips. Shannon de Lima recorded part of it on her Instagram account with the caption: "El momento más bello!!! Todos enamorados de ella" which means, "The most beautiful moment!!! everyone is in love with her".

As for Abdias? She's definitely enjoying the moment in the spotlight. After waiting since 1 p.m. to get a spot close to the stage, the woman also got a chance to hang out with Anthony backstage in his dressing room, and told a Mexican newspaper that she's been given a lot of affection since that moment.

“They asked me where Marc had kissed me and I would point to my right cheek, and so people would kiss me on that cheek as if they could steal the kisses that Marc gave me,” Abdias told Imagen del Golfo.

Lucky lady! Take a look below!