Louis C.K. Talks Common Core: "My Kids Used To Love Math. Now It Makes Them Cry."

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Father-of-two Louis C.K. has some harsh words about Common Core and standarized testing. 

C.K., who has two daughters in New York Public Schools, took to social media to rant about his frustrations with Common Core, the federally approved education initiative that details what children in US public schools should know in English language arts and mathematics at the end of each grade. 

"My kids used to love math," he tweeted. "Now it makes them cry! Thanks standardized testing and common core!"

The comedian continued by posting pictures of his daughter's math homework, which required the third-grader to perform long division and Algebra. 

Louis C.K. made it a point to admit that his children's teachers were great, but that the testing standards made the work unnecessarily difficult. "Their teachers are great," he tweeted. "But it's changed in recent years. It's all about these tests. It feels like a dark time. And nothing is going in anymore."

He continued: "It's this massive stressball that hangs over the whole school. The kids teachers trying to adapt to these badly written notions."

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