WATCH: Liam Hemsworth Threatens To Sleep With Chris' Wife, Elsa Pataky

Liam and Chris Hemsworth at the Thor premiere
Getty Images

Elsa Pataky is the luckiest woman on the planet.

Not only is the gorgeous Spanish actress married to Thor hunk Chris Hemsworth...but now his handsome younger brother, Liam Hemsworth, is fighting over the beauty!

During a behind-the-scenes clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live's 2014 Oscars show, which featured several A-list stars recreating popular YouTube videos, Chris and Liam got into a fight over the lovely Pataky. 

The Hemsworth brothers acted out a rendition of "Charlie Bit My Finger" before things got testy. "All jokes aside," Chris said. "I walked past mom and I heard her saying to dad, 'Oh f--k, I wish we'd never had Liam."

"She wouldn't say that," Liam countered. "Not my mom!"

The exchange got heat, with Liam finally telling his brother, "I'm gonna sleep with your wife!"

Chris didn't seem too worried. After all, him and Pataky are madly in love...and even expecting twins!

Watch the hilarious video below: