FORE! 14 Latino Stars Who Love To Play Golf

There are many reasons to love playing golf: the breathtaking beauty of an open golf range, the thrill of a forceful swing, and the powerful feeling of a club in your hands. Golf is a gentleman's sport with a fierce sense of competition -- and many enthusiasts simply can't get enough of the game. 

From George Lopez to Andy Garcia, these stars are avid golfers: 

1. George Lopez

One of George Lopez’s biggest pleasures in life is a good game of golf. In fact, he's hosted the Annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic for the past seven years.

Lopez doesn't just golf for charity -- he's a competitive swinger. The comedian earned a spot Golf Digest’s list of 100 best celebrity golfers, ranking at a respectable no. 37!

2. Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama regularly participates in the George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic. This year, he tweeted a picture from the event of him with Lopez himself. “W/my brother 4life @georgelopez for his @lopezfoundation we had an awesome #CincoDeGolfClassic yesterday,” he wrote.

3. Aimee Garcia

RoboCop actress Aimee Garcia frequently competes at celebrity golf classics, including the Screen Actors Guild 4th Annual Los Angeles Golf Classic, which she co-hosted with Dennis Quaid. “I was really honored to be able to host the SAG Foundation’s LA Golf Classic,” she said. “I had an incredible day on the women’s team.”

4. Christina Milian

Shocked? Yes, Christina Milian loves to golf (sometimes even in heels!) The singer joined Halle Berry in 2011 at the 3rd Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament, and somehow managed to look adorable in her pink golfing fear. 

5. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria’s got serious swing! The actress is a regular attendee and competitor at George Lopez’s annual golf classic.

6. Carlos Bernard

24 star Carlos Bernard is a huge sports fan – but he clais his favorite sport to play is golf. Bernard often competes in celebrity golf tournaments, including Oscar De La Hoya’s Celebrity Golf Classic and the SAG Los Angeles Golf Classic. He ranks at no. 49 on Golf Digest's list of best Hollywood players. 

7. Jessica Alba

Rumor has it that Jessica Alba is one of the top women golfers in Hollywood.  Gold Digest ranked her at no. 81 on its list of  Hollywood’s Top 100 Golfers. Reportedly, she can drive a ball 200 yards!

8. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz proved her golfing skills in a hilarious skit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She and the host played a violent game of “Roller Golf” – a game that involves putting a golf ball around an obstacle course while riding on roller skates. Spoiler alert: Cameron kicks Jimmy’s butt.

9. Benjamin Bratt

Benjamin Bratt loves playing the sport -- especially when it’s for a good cause. In 2013, he chipped in for the Dolores Huerta Foundation’s golf fundraiser, and competed in the charity classic. 

10. Cheech Marin

Cheech Marin lives and breathes for the green. Before starring in Tin Cup, a film about a washed up golf pro working at a driving range, Marin thought the game was purely for “white guys in plaid pants.” These days, he’s hooked. He said he finally understood it was a great game when he played with his son, Joe, for the first.

“He was visiting me on the Tin Cup set and he took some lessons with me,” he said. “And I thought, ‘Wow this is a game we could play forever.’ My son was nine then, he’s 21 now. He’s an excellent player, and we still play together.”

11. Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian infamously stirred up trouble when he took LeAnn Rimes on a very public golf date in the midst of a heated scandal between him and ex-wife, Brandi Glanville. Oops. Despite the drama, the actor remains an avid golf fan.

12. Oscar De La Hoya

After checking himself into rehab for alcohol and substance abuse, Oscar De La Hoya decided to follow a new passion: golf. The former boxer practices for a minimum of four or five hours a day, and hopes to one day pursue the sport professionally. In 2023, he plans on trying out for the Champions Tour – at the age of 50. “Got the green light from the wife,” he told The New York Times. “She understands that golf fulfills me.”

13. Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia takes golf very seriously. In 2008, he played a game of “Final Exam” with Golf Digest, answering tough questions about the game. “For such a gentlemanly sport,” he said, “The one crack in the veneer of the game is that anybody who wins anything in golf with a handicap always gets questioned. Doesn’t matter whether your handicap is a 12, 20, 6, or a 2, you’re gonna hear about it.”

Garcia is a faithful member of the Lakeside Golf Club in Burbank, Calif., which also boasts Justin Timblerlake, Jack Nicholson, Ray Romano and George Lopez among its celebrity players.

14. Prince Royce

Who knew? Bachatero Prince Royce has hobbies besides making girls swoon. The singer enjoys golf so much, he had a golf ball shaped cake made for his 25th birthday!