11 Latino Celebrities & Their Unusual Hobbies

Do you like to knit? Run? Snowboard? Craft? 

Many of us like to take some "me" time to ourselves each week -- time that we dedicate to ourselves and the things we love to do outside of work and school. Our favorite Latino stars are no different. When they're not on stage or in front of a camera, they like to take some personal time to participate in one of their favorite hobbies: 

1. Christina Milian

Christina Milian makes porcelain dolls: 

Christina Milian revealed on her personal Tumblr account that she used to make porcelain dolls as a hobby when she was a teenager. The actress would pour the mold, pick out the eyes, and add lashes and hair. “It’s actually a lot of fun!” she wrote, “And very therapeutic..” Nowadays, her daughter, Violet, seems to enjoy the handmade dolls!

2. Becky G

Becky G loves to get her hands dirty in the kitchen:

16-year-old Becky G is a talented singer and rapper, but when she’s not working, she’s learning how to cook delicious Mexican food with her mamá. “People may not know this about me, but I’ve always loved cooking.” she wrote in a blog post for our site. “My favorite thing to cook is my mom’s spicy spaghetti.”

3. Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana is an archer:

Move over, Katniss Everdeen! Zoe Saldana originally trained in archery for a movie role, but she continues to pursue the unusual sport as a hobby. We know we’d want this badass Domincana on our side if we ever get caught in The Hunger Games. 

4. Snooki

Snooki loves “making beats”:

Despite the Jersey Shore star’s reputation, Snooki enjoys more than just going to the gym, tanning, and laundry. (That GTL life, yo.) Apparently, the pint-size Chilean enjoys making music on her laptop. “My hobby is making beats on my computer,” the reality star told US Weekly. “Producing music on Fruity Loops.” 

5. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz hits the slopes or the waves:

Ever wondered how Cameron Diaz got such a great bod? Aside from spending plenty of time at the gym, Diaz loves to snowboard and surf! In her new self-help book The Body Book, Diaz reveals that she learned to love her body when she began hitting the slopes and surfing the waves. 

6. Prince Royce

Prince Royce is a thrill-seeker:

When he’s not on-stage thrilling thousands of fans, Prince Royce is seeking thrills of his own! The bachatero has an adventurous streak, and he loves to go bungee jumping and skydiving. “I go skydiving often,” he told us. “At least twice a year!” 

7. Thalia

Thalia loves to climb: 

42-year-old Thalia has an amazing body -- thanks to the rigorous workout routines (that she often brags about on Twitter and Instagram!) She revealed to her followers that one of her favorite hobbies (and workouts!) is climbing. 

8. Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony builds scale models of tanks and planes:

Puerto Rican crooner Marc Anthony told Cablevision all about his intellectual pursuits.  “When I am not working, I have a lot of hobbies that I enjoy. I build scale models of tanks, planes, cars, etc. I am learning to fly planes and helicopters. I also collect original presidential letters and antique artifacts, as well as all sorts of documentaries,” he said. “I LOVE history!” Wow, that’s an impressive list of hobbies, Marc! 

9. Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez enjoys living his life to the fullest: 

Mario Lopez revealed his long list of hobbies to his Twitter followers. “Fighting.. Dancing.. Eating & drinking.. A lot of the above! I’m excessive.. Guess a little crazy too :)” he wrote.

10. Gisele Bundchen

Gisele captures the beauty around her: 

Do you follow Gisele on Instagram? The Brazilian beauty often posts adorable snapshots of her family or gorgeous photos of her travels and charmed day-to-day life. The supermodel admitted to Styleite that Instagram is more than just a way to connect with her fans. In fact, Gisele actually considers taking Instagram pictures among her hobbies. “I’m a very visual person, so I’m really loving it,” she said. “I just have my iPhone and just enjoy experience the world by really taking the time to stop and go, ‘Oh, that’s a nice moment.’”

11. Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza practices magic: 

Quirky Aubrey Plaza has an unusual hobby: practicing magic. She told Marie Claire, “I’m just dealing with the universe in a different way. I call them spells, but they’re not spells in the way people think. I love smoking out negative energy.” She even dished to the magazine about the spell she performed on her new house, saying that it gave the home a special, positive energy.