5 Latinas We'd Love To See On Late Night TV

Whew...it's been a hectic year for late night television! Jay Leno, after 20 years at the helm of The Tonight Show, relinquished his spot to Jimmy Fallon. Fallon, in turn, handed his spot on Late Night to SNL alum Seth Meyers. Don't get us wrong -- we love both of these gents, and we think they'll add a much-needed dose of youthfulness to the primetime comedy shows. 

But, we can't help but wonder: Where are the women? We'd love to see a mujer - especially one of these 5 Latinas - behind the desk at a late night talk show:  

1. Anjelah Johnson

Let’s not beat around the bush: Anjelah Johnson is funny. The gorgeous San Jose-native is best known for her skit Bon Qui Qui, and she has the charm, the poise, the looks, and the wit to hold her own on late-night TV. For a taste of Johnson's humor, check out one of her most famous clips, "Nail Salon." 

2. Debi Gutierrez

Debi Gutierrez has got it all. Yes, she's funny. But, she's also a former teacher and a National Peabody Award recipient. She's a mom, and her humor about motherhood and children is completely relatable. The best part? Gutierrez is the former host of A Place Of Our Own, and she looked and sounded fantastic interviewing celebrities from behind that desk. We'd love to see her take the much-deserved leap to late-night TV. Not convinced? See her co-host The View: 

3. Patti Vasquez

Patti Vasquez, aka the Lipstick Mom, is known for her slightly irreverent, biting comedy, and as a regular member of My Life Is A Joke on OWN! The half-Mexican, half-Irish comedian can tackle everything from cultural issues to motherhood -- all with a smile on her face and a cheeky joke prepared. Bill Maher even called her "the funniest woman in comedy since Carol Burnett." He wasn't lying. Vasquez is one of the funniest women on television, and she deserves her own show. Not convinced? See her bit from The Original Latin Divas of Comedy. Trust us: you'll be on the floor laughing! 

4. Rosie Perez

We'd love to tune-in and see Rosie Perez as the one interviewing guests...instead of the one being interviewed. The outgoing boricua has the over-the-top personality, the Latina flair, and the sassy personality to pull-off hosting a TV show. Get a taste for her hilarious persona in this clip from The Ellen Show

5. Gina Brillon

Gina Brillon

Gina Brillon perfectly combines sass, sex appeal, and wit in her stand-up routines. The Bronx-native has a fresh perspecitve on issues like love and relationships, and she loves to discuss the complexity of being a Latina. Oh, and did we mention: she was the first Latina comic to win NBC's Stand Up For Diversity Showcase. Give this girl a TV show, pronto!