Justin Bieber Confirms Love for Selena Gomez in Adorable Throwback Post

Justin Bieber Confirms Love For Selena Gomez In Adorable Throwback Thursday Post
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It seems Justin Bieber's got love on his mind, especially since he posted an adorable throwback picture that pays homage to his sometimes-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

On April 23, the "Boyfriend" singer uploaded a picture of the duo on the beach, each holding the hands Bieber's younger siblings, Jazmyn and Jaxon. Both stars are smiling widely and enjoying the family trip. 

The pic could be a sweet tribute to their memories together... or a desperate attempt to win his lady back. According to HollywoodLife.comthe couple had a huge argument about commitment issues.

"Justin promised he would move in with her and be her so-called 'protector', but he has bailed on that idea," a source told the site. "Once again, he has broken her heart. It's the same old thing, he begs for her forgiveness and promises her the sun and the moon, but doesn't follow through."

If the picture is meant to lure Gomez back into Bieber's arms, it probably won't work. Several days ago, the "Come & Get It" singer had a social media meltdown, and unfollowed everyone on Instagram -- including her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

Nice try, Bieber, but it's not working this time....we hope. 

How do you feel about the constant drama with Selena and Justin?