Petition Asks ICE to Treat Justin Bieber Like Other Deportees

Justin Bieber mugshot
Getty Images

Justin Bieber is on some thin ice lately, but could he be facing deportation?

According to CNN, following his arrest in Miami last week, #DeportBieber began trending on Twitter. Those using the hashtag have been attempting to push authorities to treat Bieber like other immigrants and send him back to Canada for committing unlawful acts.

Ruben Navarrette, a CNN writer, suggested that because of Bieber's superstar status he would most likely get special treatment.

"Bieber has an estimated net worth of about $130 million," Navarrette wrote.

"I bet that, right about now, many of those Mexican immigrants who were deported because they came to the attention of local police officers for a burned-out taillight, or for not making a complete stop at an intersection, are wishing that they had been a rich, white kid with marginal music ability and too much money. If so, things might have gone differently for them."

But Annaluisa Padilla, a California immigration lawyer, tells CNN that it's not the 19-year-old's fame that separates him from the example made by Navarrette, instead it's the fact that he holds a visa.

"The reason an individual who had failed to stop at a stop sign or is driving without a license comes in contact with immigration authorities is because they're undocumented," Padilla said. "You're not comparing apples to apples."

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