EXCLUSIVE: Julie Gonzalo Talks 'Dallas' Season 3, Growing up in Argentina & More!

Julie Gonzalo at the 'Dallas' Photocall At The 53rd Monte Carlo TV Festival
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Julie Gonzalo was born in Bueno Aires, Argentina, a fact she says for a long time many were surprised by. The 32-year-old Argentine American stars as Pamela Rebecca Barnes on TNT's revival hit series Dallas. (Are you a fan?)

We spoke with the amazingly down-to-earth actress about her character Pamela, the exciting moments to come this season on Dallas, why you should tune in to the show, and what it was like growing up in Argentina.

Check out our entire interview with Julie below:

Let’s talk end of season 2. Pamela and John got married, which was very surprising! Tell us, did you see that coming when you initially began filming that season?

I did not see it coming, no. I actually was a little shocked that they were going to marry them right away. I thought that was going to be something that you usually wait a little longer for two people to come together, you know, on a show. But although I didn’t see it coming, I now know what the writers wanted to come out of it. And I think their dynamic is pretty great – their chemistry is really great – so I could see why they wanted to marry these two. And, at the end of the day, it’s like – the question is: Why did they get married? Was it love? Was it convenience? Was it money? Was it the company? So I think that that’s what, ultimately, we want to find out.

What can we expect to come from that relationship in season 3?

I think that it’s definitely not going to be a happily ever after. I think you can expect these two to have their differences. They are two characters that are cut from the same cloth. And they’re very similar to each other, so there’s always going to be tension there. I think that from Pamela’s point of view – from where she’s coming from – I think that she does want to make this marriage work. I think that you see her trying to be that woman, trying to be that wife at the beginning of the season and kind of trying to settle into her new role. And also living in South Fork with the rest of the family and with her new husband, which is a recipe for disaster, if you ask me [Laughs].

Can you tell us a bit about what’s going to happen with Cliff after his involvement in the explosion?

Well, when we last saw Cliff, he was in jail being blamed for killing J.R. Pamela is also very hurt by Cliff – she’s very, very hurt over the death of her children. That’s something that you can’t easily forgive or forget. I think that you find Cliff where we left him, and I don’t know if and when there is going to be reconciliation. I don’t know if that’s even possible after everything that’s happened, but that’s where you find Cliff is in jail – he’s in Mexico. So, I think the reason why he’s there is the main focus this season.

Sticking a bit to the topic of Pamela losing her children. What was it like portraying that? Where did you gather inspiration? That had to be extremely difficult.

Well, you know, it’s not a pain that I’m familiar with – I wish to never be familiar with [it]. I’ve spoken to friends with kids – not kids that they have lost, but kids, you know, parents. The love of a child is a feeling like no other, and kind of just to imitate a pain like that…I was going out on a limb there, you know. I can’t imagine, and again like I said, I don’t ever want to imagine what it feels like to lose a child. It had to have been like a pain like no other and one that I’ve never experienced. So I think I took whatever most painful moment I’ve ever had and tripled it, or quadrupled it, and just went from there. And it was very emotional. It was very, very emotional.

Yeah, definitely. Are we going to see, sort of, the after effects of that tragedy this season?

Not so much. I think that it’s something that’s always going to be there – the audience knows that and Pamela knows that. But I think you left her at the end of second season wanting a change, wanting to leave a lot of things behind and start fresh and start new, and I think that’s where you find her -- wanting to start a new life. And wanting to make this marriage with John Ross successful, so that’s where she’s at right now mentally.

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