Juan Pablo Talks Lack of Latinas On 'The Bachelor': "They Don't Sign Up"

Juan Pablo Talks Latinas Not on the Bachelor: "They Don't Sign Up"

After meeting The Bachelor Juan Pablo, we completely understand why 27 women were all in for trying to win his heart: the man is charming! At an event hosted by the agency Wing in New York City, El Bachelor talked about his outlook on the show: "I am me. I think to be a part of the show and get what you want, you have to be three things: very honest, because the second you try to do something that's not you, it comes off as fake; very mature; and very realistic, because you can go home at any time."

Being a papi is hugely important for the Venezuelan former soccer player, who joked that his getting his ex-girlfriend Carla pregnant was the best "meter la pata," (blunder) ever. "It was the best goal I ever scored. Right in the top corner!" 

Juan Pablo also touched on being chosen as the Bachelor, saying that his time on The Bachelorette helped him land the season and that being Latino was how he stood out. "You have Sofia Vergara, you have Shakira... Latinos are in the primetime situation. And I only add to that," he said, before addressing the issue that he doesn't look Latino "enough" to many Americans: "I don't look Latino to some people. But, see Americans, we look like that too! It's all about stereotypes. In the States that happens a lot, there's blondes, there's everything. We have a big mix."

He answered many personal questions, including underwear preference ("boxer briefs" he said, before showing us all a glimpse of his green underwear), what he's attracted to physically ("Good lips and teeth, a good smile. Something that makes you go, 'hmmm I want to kiss that.'" he said before adding, "A nice pair of... you know," he laughed while turning red), and what makes a great date ("I can watch TV and it's a great date. What makes a great date is not what you do, it's who you are with.") 

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