Juan Pablo Talks Lack of Latinas On 'The Bachelor': "They Don't Sign Up"


Are there differences between dating a Latina and dating someone more in tune with American culture? Juan Pablo thinks so. Admitting he's only dated one American girl, he immediately addressed the issue of first meeting the parents when dating: "Meeting families, that's a big thing for Americans. It's more casual in Venezuela, it's not a big deal. My dad even reminded me, he goes, 'Juan Pablo, there's even a movie in America called Meet the Parents.' In Venezuela, there'd be no such movie." 

But he admits it's not just a cultural thing between dating Americans versus dating Latinas: nationality plays a huge role as well. Telling a story about how he dated a Puerto Rican girl for three years, he points out differences in how a Venezuelan woman would act versus how a Puerto Rican woman would act in certain situations. (We say: it's really an individual thing, Juan Pablo!)

Lastly, Juan Pablo addressed the fact that not many Latinas were cast on the season. "It's not a matter of they don't cast Latinas, it's a matter that Latinas don't sign up," he said. "And I don't know, it's also other factors. Like maybe there were more Latinas, but they weren't for me. They didn't want to be a mom, or they didn't have a personality thing I wanted. I don't know," he said. 

Are you tuning in to this season of The Bachelor? Catch it Mondays on ABC at 8 pm EST!

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