Juan Pablo Thrills Young Fans On Charitable Mission

Juan Pablo Galavis at the Juvenile Justice Center in Miami

The Internet might not be very happy with Juan Pablo Galavis after last night’s controversial episode of The Bachelor, but the Venezuelan hottie overjoyed a few fans during a recent visit to a Miami legal center.

El Bachelor was on a charitable streak last week in Florida, as he took a tour of the Juvenile Justice Center on a visit arrange by Voices for Children, an organization that fund raises for the Guardians Ad Litem program that advocates for foster children in legal matters. 

“The girls were pretty excited,” a GAL employee told People about the visitor. “He observed court, spoke to judges, lawyers, and social workers, chatted with the kids, and, of course, posed for pictures with them.”

One of the judges even created a stir when she suggested Galavis date her own daughter -- if, of course, the matchmaking show doesn’t work out. 

On last night's episode of the ABC reality TV show, Galvis learned that patience is a virtue, after getting hot and heavy with one contestant on an unsanctioned late-night swim. A word to the wise, El Bachelor: focus on your charity work!