John Leguizamo Explains Why People Need To Reach Out To Latinos

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Want to know why non-Latinos need to find ways to connect with Latinos? John Leguizamo explains.

"You gotta connect with Latin people because we're going to run things pretty soon," Leguizamo told The Huffington Post, "so you might as well get in on it while you have a chance on the ground floor."

The star of the upcoming Chef film also says he taught Chef's director Jon Favreau "a lot of Spanish words."

“It was great teaching Jon a lot of Spanish words, like Mojo is a Spanish word,” Leguizamo said.

“Nobody knows that but mojo is like Cuban for [a] special magic sauce, that’s why people get their mojo on, so I was explaining to him a lot of that.”

You can watch The Huffington Post's entire interview with the Colombian American actor here!

Chef will be released in theaters nationwide on May 9! Do you agree with John Leguizamo on why people need to connect with Latinos?

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