Jennifer Lopez Hosts 'A.K.A.' Album Listening Session: "Music is My First Love"

Jennifer Lopez Talks A.K.A Album

Brunch with Jennifer Lopez? Count us in!

In just seven days, Lopez will be dropping her album A.K.A., and on June 7 the "First Love" singer hosted a private album listening session at the Beats by Dre store in Soho for a select group of influencers (including us!) to get a first listen at a few tracks personally handpicked by J.Lo, while enjoying a fabulous brunch featuring drinks by Belaire Rose and delicious food items from Evelyn’s Kitchen.

The 44-year-old superstar revealed that she worked on her upcoming album for a little over a year before realizing it was time to just "let it go."

"I think everybody knows that music is my first love," Lopez said. "I started as a dancer obviously because I love music. From there I was an actress and then I went right back to music after I did the movie Selena, made my first album, and I haven't stopped since."

J.Lo continued, "I’ve been lucky enough to make it to my 10th album, eight studio album, 10th album in all. To me there’s never been a more special project or time in my life than this one."

After her speech, Lopez played several songs off her new album including title track "A.K.A." featuring rapper T.I., "Never Satisfied," "Emotions," "So Good," and "Big Booty" featuring Pitbull.

The intimate listening session was followed by a brief Q&A, check out some of the highlights on page 2>>>