Jenni Rivera's Children Remember Her On Her Birthday

Jenni Rivera speaks during the 'I Love Jenni' lunch session
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Jenni Rivera's been gone for more than a year and a half, but her children continue to celebrate and honor their mother on her birthday. 

Ever year, Rivera's children throw her an enormous bday bash -- complete with music, lots of delicious comida and, of course, tequila! "It's a day to tell her that we love her, miss her, that we hope she's proud of what we're doing, how we are celebrating her life and legacy," her eldest daughter, Chiquis Rivera told People en Español

The Queen of Banda would have turned 45-years-old in a few weeks on July 2. She was killed in a plane crash in December 2012, leaving behind five children. 

Chiquis' siblings Jacquie, 24and Michael, 23, as well as her half-siblings Jenicka, 17, and Johnny, 13, look forward to throwing a bittersweet birthday fiesta. "On her birthday, we always think about her with much love and with the beautiful smile that she had," Chiquis said. 

"Thank all of you for still supporting her career," she continued. "Please, I ask you to keep her alive in your hearts, pray for her, and always remember she was a very happy woman."

Rest in peace, Jenni. We will always remember you!