EXCLUSIVE: Jacy Rodriguez Talks MTV's 'Are You the One?' & Relationships

Jacinda Jacy Rodriguez
Mario Perez/Courtesy MTV

How do you think your personality brought a different dynamic to the show?

I feel like being from Puerto Rico and being a Latina and for the first time leaving the island and bringing that fire. I feel like is does contribute a lot. I am a person that I say what I need to say and I do what I want. And when you have someone like that anywhere, things are about to happen.

Were you the only Latina there?

Well actually Jessica [Perez] was on the show too. Her ethnicity is Cuban.

Did you guys relate and bond on a different level because you were the only Latinas?

I wouldn’t want to say yeah, but yeah. I definitely think so. It’s this thing with Latinas that we feel that vibe that we need to protect our ethnicity and our people, our culture. It’s special. Jessica is definitely one of my good friends.

Did you find it difficult working with all the others in the house towards the ultimate goal of finding your matches while also trying to win the money?

Yeah, it’s so difficult to be in this game, because at the same time, at least I speak for myself, I’m really looking for love. I’m looking for that person that I can start something with. But at the same time there’s all this money involved. Sometimes it really gets in the way of things and changes your way of thinking. For me, I just go into wanting it all, I really want it all. I want love and money.

So we thought the truth booth was so cool! Will we see you in the “truth booth” at some point during the show?

I can’t tell you! But definitely the truth booth is super interesting for everyone that got to go in it.

Did you win any of the challenges during the show – like “I’m bringing Selfies back”, and can you tell us what your favorite one was?

I have many favorite, I can’t give a lot of details of that. I loved the challenges but at the same time I hated some challenges. There was a few of them where I was nah, like oh my god why I am doing this.

What was your favorite part of the show?

Well actually the show in itself, this experience has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. So all of it. I guess the best thing was to be able to live in this house with all of these beautiful people, different people. I grew from it.

Was there anything you really didn’t like?

No, not one thing. I loved every minute of it.

Can you tell us about either a best or worst date you had on the show?

Best or worst? Um, I think the best – no there was so many good moments, I think one of the worst moments I got really, really, really drunk and then some really cool things happened. I guess they’re cool, I have to think like that.

Do you know how many days into the show that happened?

The thing with me is that I feel like since Day 1 I’ve been having good and bad moments. I can’t really tell you dates, but you’re going to know what I’m about in every aspect. I’m this person that if I’m sad you’re going to know it, if I’m mad you’re definitely going to know it, if I’m depressed you’ll know it. I show emotion and I feel like all Latinas are like that.

You grew up in San Juan Puerto Rico. We heard you had a tough upbringing, can you tell us about that and how it might have affected any relationships you’ve had?

I’m not ready to give details on my upbringing, but I can tell you that I don’t regret any of it. I don’t regret anything I went through. It has affected me as a person. I feel a bit damaged when it comes to relationships. But I feel like it helped me as the person that I am. I don’t regret anything because I feel like it’s made me a better person. Just with a little more relationship wise, since I’ve always gotten the wrong guys. It doesn’t work because I’m not having that person that can support me and help me be better in relationships. So yeah, my upbringing has affected, however it’s helped.

Is there anything you want to add for Latina readers to know about you?

Basically, me, Jacy is just fire I guess. I like for everyone to know that you can do what you want, within reason. You can be who you want to be, you and love who you are and not care what anybody else thinks as long as you’re happy.

Are You The One? premieres on MTV, Tuesday January 21 at 11/10 C.